ECLAC: Barbados still ‘sick man of the Caribbean’

  • The Barbadian economy is expected to crawl dead last among Caribbean economies this year, shrinking by a disappointing -0.5%  last year, the second lowest growth rate region-wide, according to the United Nations economic watchdog for the area.


  • Barbados is expected to have the lowest growth of just 0.5% in 2019, said the latest report from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).


  • When lined up against the other 32 nations in Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean, Barbados’ decline of -0.5% for this year places it as the economy with the fifth lowest growth rate.


  • Growth this year is expected to be led by Antigua and Barbuda at 5.3%; Grenada, 5.2%; Guyana, 3.4%; and St Vincent and the Grenadines at 3.2%, it said


(Source: Barbados Today)