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Jamaican Teas Limited 2 for 1 Stock Split Approved at AGM Published: 24 April 2017

Jamaican Teas Limited (JAMT) has advised that their shareholders approved the Board of Directors’ recommendation for a 2 for 1 stock split at the Company’s Annual General Meeting held on April 12, 2017.

1834 Investments Limited Declares Dividend Published: 24 April 2017

1834 Investments Limited (1834) has advised that their Board of Directors have approved a resolution to declare an interim dividend of Eight Cents ($0.08) per stock unit, payable on May 30, 2017, to stockholders on record at the close of business on May 5, 2017.  The ex-dividend date is May 3, 2017.

Jamaica Stock Exchange Appoints Managing Director and New Company Secretary Published: 12 April 2017

The Jamaica Stock Exchange Limited (JSE) has advised that at a Board Meeting held on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the Board of Directors passed a resolution appointing Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest, the current General Manager and Company Secretary, as Managing Director and a member of the Board of Directors effective April 3, 2017.

Consequent on the appointment of Mrs. Street Forrest, Miss Roxanne Hutchinson, Senior Legal Officer, has been appointed the new Company Secretary, effective April 3, 2017.

The JSE congratulates Mrs. Street Forrest and Miss Hutchinson on their appointment.

Kingston Properties Limited Dividend Declaration and Stock Split Published: 12 April 2017

Kingston Properties Limited (KPREIT) has advised that following the meeting of their Board of Directors on March 31, 2017, the decisions below were taken:

(I)               To recommend to the shareholders of KPREIT at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 16, 2017, that each of the 500,000,000 ordinary shares in the capital of the Company be subdivided into two (2) ordinary shares each thereby making a total share capital of 1,000,000,000 ordinary shares.

 (II)              A dividend to shareholders on record as at April 18 was declared in the amount of US$0.00124 per unit. The payment date is May 9 and the X-div date is April 12.

Jamaica Stock Exchange Limited Board Resignation Published: 12 April 2017

The Jamaica Stock Exchange Limited (JSE) has advised that Mrs. Jane George, a Director and a member of the Audit Committee, has tendered her resignation effective April 30, 2017.

The JSE further advises that Mrs. George’s resignation is not related to any disagreement in respect of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure or any other material issue impacting on the Audit Committee or her ability to properly carry out her functions delegated by the Board.

CWJ appoints Stephen Price as Managing Director Published: 30 March 2017

CWJ has advised that Mr. Stephen Price, VP of Retail Sales and Distribution will assume the role of Managing Director of CWJ effective June 1, 2017. Mr. Garfield Sinclair, President of FLOW Caribbean will have continuing responsibility for CWJ over the next two months.

NCBFG Organizational Changes Published: 30 March 2017

NCBFG) has advised of the following changes to the organizational structure of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCBJ) effective April 3, 2017: (1) Mr. Septimus (Bob) Blake will be promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer.  Mr Blake’s present responsibilities as Senior General Manager Treasury & Correspondent Banking Division and Payment Services have been split with Mrs. Tanya Watson-Francis becoming the Head of Treasury & Correspondent Payment & Services and Ms. Claudette Rodriquez becoming the Head of Payment Services. They along with the Heads of Retail and Corporate Banking will report to Mr. Blake and (2) Mrs. Danielle Cameron Duncan will be appointed Head of Non-Branch Channels.


NCBFG has further advised of the following dates on which the Board of Directors intends to consider the payment of interim dividends to stockholders: April 27, 2017, July 27, 2017and November 9, 2017.