Iran Threatens Nuclear Escalation as War Tensions Increase with US

  • Tensions between the US and Iran escalated at the beginning of this week following reports that Tehran will cease to abide by restrictions implemented in the 2015 international agreement limiting its ability to produce nuclear weapons. 
  • Iran will increase uranium enrichment activities "based on the country's needs" and could exceed limits imposed by the 2015 deal in as little as 10 days, Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for Iran's nuclear agency, said Monday.
  • Iran's latest threat comes at a time of heightened conflict with the U.S., days after two oil tankers were disabled by what the U.S. has said forcefully was an attack orchestrated by Tehran. 
  • The country's provocative statement on uranium enrichment serves as the first evidence that Iran may violate the nuclear agreement, brokered by the Obama administration and from which President Trump has removed the U.S.

(Source: US News)