Record Arrivals For Summer – Minister Bartlett

  • Jamaica’s tourism sector is on track for record arrivals this summer, surpassing 2019 levels, when the country had the highest number of visitors ever seen for the summer months. Jamaica welcomed approximately 250,584 visitors in July 2019. 
  • “Summer 2022 will be the strongest summer that Jamaica’s tourism has ever seen”, said Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett.” All the bookings and the indications are that we are going to exceed 2019 levels this summer. 
  • These expectations for strong summer arrivals bode well for other sectors as well, such as manufacturing, distribution, agriculture and transportation, which are directly and indirectly linked to tourism. This will ultimately continue to bolster the growth and recovery in financial performance already being experienced by some companies in these sectors. 
  • Additionally, from a macro-economic perspective increased tourist arrivals will support the direct and indirect demand for workers and hence support the employment rate and disposable income. Further, the associated increased inflow of foreign currency will also aid in stabilizing the foreign exchange market. 

(Sources: JIS News and NCBCM Research)