CI Mutual Funds

CI Mutual funds is the latest addition to NCBCM’s suite of products. The funds offer investors diversification benefits and exposure to the global capital markets through portfolios of debt and equity securities denominated in US dollars. Investors can access global securities that may have been otherwise unattainable or expensive to acquire.

CI Investments


CI Investments is a leading investment manager with approximately $74 billion in assets under management. The company offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive investment fund lineups, featuring a broad selection of portfolio managers and a wide choice of mandates diversified by region, asset class, industry and investment style.

CI Corporate Class Funds

CI Corporate Class provides the most tax efficient investments across the widest selection of asset classes. With the Corporate Class structure, you can:

  1. switch among funds with no tax consequences
  2. receive tax-efficient capital gains or Canadian dividends from traditional income funds, and
  3. defer paying tax on distributions, given the low dividend payout of the fund

Without the ongoing tax burden, CI Corporate Class takes advantage of the power of compounding, because more of your money stays invested through the deferral of taxes.

CI Corporate Class funds are suitable for a variety of different investors, including:

  1. those who wish to rebalance their portfolio on a regular basis or adjust their holdings to take advantage of market trends,
  2. income investors looking for a tax-efficient source of cash flow,
  3. incorporated business owners,
  4. parents and grandparents who set up in-trust accounts for minor children,
  5. parents saving for children’s college education, and
  6. individuals planning for retirement

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