Major Hub Coming to Barbados

  • Barbados will soon be home to a World Food Programme logistics hub which will make it easier for food supplies to be transported to Caribbean countries impacted by natural disasters.
  • The programme will set up its hub giving it easy access to the runway, Barbados’ network and the rest of the Caribbean.  The main component of the hub will be a large warehouse that will allow the World Food Programme to pre-position food and other necessary supplies for the aftermath of a disaster.
  • The government plans to play a role in the logistics centre to benefit Barbadians and other Caribbean nationalities. Of note, after hurricanes Maria and Irma ravaged neighbouring nations, especially Dominica, it became evident that the program's presence in the region was inadequate.
  • The hub can improve access to healthy foods in low-income or underserved areas by making it easier for farmers to offer their products in these areas by assuming costs associated with infrastructure and logistics.
  • That said, Barbados stands to benefit as logistics hubs add value by lowering the costs of transportation, storage, and distribution of commodities from producer to consumer, boosting business competitiveness.

 (Source: Barbados Today)