Derrimon Trading, Intcomex Partner To Roll Out Electronics Store  

  • Derrimon Trading Limited has formed a partnership with Intcomex, a distributor of computer products, to operate an electronics store. The operation will be under the brand, Select Tech. 
  • So far, the companies have invested $100 million in establishing and stocking a retail outlet on the mezzanine of a newly opened Select Grocers store in the Clarendon-based mall, but the investment is expected to nearly double by the end of the year as the partners expand the store's product offerings. Select Grocers is a supermarket business controlled by Derrimon.
  • Select Tech now sells electronic items such as games, phones, computers, printers, television sets, network and cabling equipment, and other small appliances, but it wants to expand its offers to include vehicle radios, smart home fixtures and fittings, security cameras, and other items.
  • Derrimon intends to present Select Grocers as a one-stop shop with the opening of the new Select Tech store, which will eventually resemble a miniature version of the American Best Buy chain.
  • With this new move to expand its offerings, we expect to see some improvement in Derrimon’s performance over the coming quarters.

(Source:  RJR News)