JMMB Expands Operations To Barbados

  • The JMMB Group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, JMMB International Limited (JMMB International), officially began operations in the Caribbean island nation of Barbados. This entry to Barbados marks the fourth Caribbean nation in which the Group has a physical presence, the others being Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.
  • This announcement of JMMB Group’s expansion to Barbados was made during the company’s quarterly investor briefing. The JMMB Group had already been serving Barbadian business clients remotely, primarily via its representatives based in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Now, the launch of JMMB International marks its entry at a direct operational level.
  • The JMMB International team of financial advisors is being led by its Trinidad & Tobago-based CEO, Tricia Kissoon; who is supported by the Barbados-based head of business development and executive director, Michael Jordan.
  • In speaking to the strategic role that this entry to Barbados will play in the further growth and expansion of the JMMB Group across the Caribbean region, JMMB Group CEO, Keith Duncan, first praised the team for their hard work and commitment to achieving the goal of opening JMMB’s first office in Barbados.
  • “We saw this as another opportunity to further build on our goal of providing integrated financial solutions across the region, while seeking to uniquely address client needs, especially as they try to attain their financial objectives, all while navigating challenging national, regional and global economies. I am confident that our team will work to partner with our clients in a way that provides win-win outcomes for all” he added.

(Sources: RJR News & JMMB)