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PJAM Declares Dividend Published: 14 May 2014

The Board of Directors of Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited has adopted a Resolution to declare a second interim dividend for the year 2014 in the amount of $0.60 per share payable on June 20, 2014 to shareholders on record as at May 29, 2014. The ex-dividend date is May 27, 2014.

Jamaica Producers Management Change Published: 14 May 2014

Jamaica Producers Group has advised that Mr. Paul Kingsley-Bates has resigned from the post of Chief Operating Officer – JP Food & Drink Holdings with effect from June 30, 2014.

Desnoes & Geddes Resignation & Appointment of Audit Committee Published: 14 May 2014

Desnoes & Geddes Limited (DG) has advised that Mr. Jed Dryer resigned from the Audit Committee effective May 9, 2014. He, however, remains a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Bruce Kidner was appointed a member of the Audit Committee replacing Mr. Dryer. Mr. Dryer resignation from the audit Committee is not related to any disagreement in respect of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure or any other material issue impacting on the Audit Committee or his ability to properly carry out the functions delegated by the Board.

Kingston Properties Sale of residential condominium unit Published: 14 May 2014

Kingston Properties Ltd has advised that through its wholly owned subsidiary Kingston Properties Miami LLC, has successfully concluded the sale if one of its 19 residential condominium units for approximately US$200,000 (J$22 million), realizing a 34% total return over the holding period. This decision is part of a broader plan to sell a total of 4 units and re-invest the proceeds in a 19-unit residential apartment building (13,937 square feet) in an area of Miami that is close to its downtown and is beginning to see renaissance. One of the remaining three unit is under contract with an expected close date of May 31st. Two are in negotiations.

Eppley Decalres Dividend for Ordinary Shares Published: 14 May 2014

The Board of Directors of Eppley Limited has declared an ordinary interim dividend of $9.00 per share payable on May 29, 2014 to shareholders on record as at May 22, 2014. The ex-dividend date is May 20, 2014.